NVI’s innovative approach to efficient and productive manufacturing is evident throughout the plant. Typical of the firm’s meticulous attention to detail is the self-sufficient power system. Wood waste from production is processed to produce energy from steam for running our production processes.


    At NVI, we run three shifts per day allowing us to process logs around the clock. The veneer being produced is shipped from our Mauckport facility directly to our customers. We currently ship worldwide to those needing quality wood products.

     Our management team, in conjunction with our sales staff, is very conscientious to insure that not only are you getting a superior wood product, but also great service and customer satisfaction.
     NVI is an ESOP company, an employee stock ownership plan. This allows for our employees to grow with the firm. Our entire work force has a vested interest in the success of the company, which promotes pride and excellence in every piece that is produced.


Norstam Veneers
2990 Overlook Drive
Mauckport, Indiana 47142 USA
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